Velich’s finely spicy Beerenauslese

Draw well near Illmitz, Neusiedlersee © ÖWM/WSNA

The Seewinkel, originally the area east of Lake Neusiedl in the area of ​​the towns of Podersdorf, Apetlon and Illmitz, is known worldwide for its noble sweet wines. The indication of the narrower origin “Seewinkel” for noble sweet Neusiedlersee DAC Reserve is only permitted if the grapes come from the communities of Apetlon, Illmitz and/or Podersdorf.

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Syss 3.0 – unconventional Burgenland sweet wine cuvèe

The Syss 3.0 from the Kloster am Spitz winery is really a bit unconventional, as it combines Eiswein 1990 and TBA 1998 from Neuburger and Scheurebe from the Purbacher Riede Zelter with a fresh Rosenmuskateller 2022. It has been created by Thomas Schwarz, the winemaker of the Syss 3.0.

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Scheurebe TBA from the steep slope specialist

Wine landscape near Durbach © erge Pixabay

The Ortenau is known to many because of the local Riesling clone, called Klingelberger. Also in Durbach, north of Offenburg, many locations are planted with it, including at the local Durbach winegrowers’ cooperative, from which the wine tasted today comes, a 2013 Trockenbeerenauslese from the Scheurebe from the Steinberg location. A grape variety which can be

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More sweet wines from Keller

Hans had invited to taste sweet wines (Tasted Wines), most of them from Klaus Peter Keller. More information about Winery Keller.

Scheurebe Spätlese 2010, Keller
Very round fragrance, orange, apricot, very nice balance of sweetness and acidity on the palate, spicy herbal notes, very harmonious, very good wine

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