Syss 3.0 – unconventional Burgenland sweet wine cuvèe

The Syss 3.0 from the Kloster am Spitz winery is really a bit unconventional, as it combines Eiswein 1990 and TBA 1998 from Neuburger and Scheurebe from the Purbacher Riede Zelter with a fresh Rosenmuskateller 2022. It has been created by Thomas Schwarz, the winemaker of the Syss 3.0.

He (Thomas Schwarz) wants to make himself as superfluous as possible” in the vineyard and wine cellar, as he introduces himself on his website. For him, this means keeping the soil and vines so healthy that the fermentation and maturation of the wines require only minimal support from the winemaker. That’s precisely why for him it means: no synthetic pesticides and insecticides, no artificial fertilizers, no cultured yeasts, no barriques and sometimes even no sulfur.

He farms around 6 hectares in the Leithaberg region. His Blaufränkisch, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Rosenmuskateller vines thrive there at altitudes of 135 – 280 m on soils with lots of mica slate and shell limestone layers. Although the grapes are cooled by the Leithaberg and protected from cold northern winds, they are also favored in ripening by the warm, humid Pannonian climate of the open, often hot lowlands.

Syss 3.0, Kloster am Spitz, Thomas Schwarz (Tasted wines)
Light amber color with reddish-golden reflections. Spicy botrytis nose with delicate barrel aromas. Notes of orange and clementine peel, dried apricots; very juicy with a present, fresh acidity, a touch of tannin and mild notes of Muscat in the long finish. Excellent wine with a good draw.


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