Viticulture Douro

Viticulture in steep, rocky terrain brings with it a series of problems. In the context of increasing labor costs, the previously very narrow terraces were replaced by wider, new Patamares called terraces without stone wall.

Douro Weinbau PortweinThe distance between the two rows of plants is so wide that a tractor of about 1.20 m wide can drive between the rows. The distance of the vines in the row amounts to between 1.10 and 2 m, so that a planting density of 3.000 – 3.800 vines / ha results. Locations with a slope below 30% are often planted with vertical rows. In this arrangement called Vinho a alto the training system of the vines is on a wire frame, whereby working by machines becomes possible. Measures such as a greening of the spaces between the vine rows to reduce erosion, or the balance of different soils and locations within the Patamares, through appropriate choice of varieties with the so-called micro-block Rebmanagment have optimized the cultivation.

Around mid-September, the grapes are ripe, often they are already slightly dried and have enough sugar and aromas to start the harvest. Harvesting is always done by hand. The average yield is about 30 hl / ha, with the yield per vine being between 500 g for old and 1.5 kg for younger vines.