Wine styles Málaga

The classification of the different wine styles (types of wine) of Málaga takes into account the taste of the grape variety, the sugar content, the addition of arrope, the aging of the wine or the expansion and, where appropriate, the color.

If the variety is indicated, either Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel, then these wines must be produced exclusively from this variety. Varietal wines without the addition of Arrope and without aging are referred to as Pálido. A wine called Vendimia Asoleada is made only from sun-dried grapes of the Pedro Ximénez and / or Moscatel varieties.

In principle, Málaga only distinguishes between “dry” (seco – less than 45 grams of sugar per liter) and “sweet” (dulce – 45 grams or more of sugar per liter), but a wine that has more than 12 grams and less than 45 Grams per liter may be named “semi-dry” (semiseco) and a wine that has between 45 and 140 grams of sugar per liter may be referred to as “semisweet” (semidulce).

NameAdding ArropeResidual sugar g/lColourMaturation
Dry Pale/Pale Dryno<45Pale yellow - goldoptional
Sweetoptional>140Amber - blackmandatory
Pale Creamno45 - 100Pale yellow - goldoptional
Pajareteno45 - 140Gold - amberMinimum 2 years
Dulce Crema/Cremayes75 -125Amber - mahoganyMinimum 2 years

The designations Dry Pale or Pale Dry, Pale Cream, Pajarete, Dulce Crema or Crema and Sweet are mainly based on the sweetness level, but at the same time not only complies with DO’s sugar requirements but also with regard to a possible addition of concentrated must (Arrope ), and also include the aging of the wine and if appropiate also the color. If an indication of the color is given, then it can be read off how many percents of Arrope has been added, in particular for the types Dulce Crema or Crema and Sweet. The wine called Dorado or Golden must be produced without the addition of concentrated must, the Rojo Dorado or Red Gold Málaga may contain up to five percent, the Oscuro or Brown between five and ten percent, the color of ten to fifteen percent and Negro or Dark about fifteen percent Arrope.

There is also the type known as Lágrima, which arises without the external exertion of pressure, solely from the must expelled by the own weight of the grapes. After more than two years of aging in a wooden barrel, this wine is called Lacrimae Christi.