Speaking about Málaga, it is usually meant the sweet liqueur wine known since ancient times, whose fermentation had been interrupted with alcohol which leads to 18% to 22% alcohol by volume. In addition, there is the naturally sweet Malaga wine (Vinos naturalmente dulces), whose alcohol content of at least 13 percent by volume originates exclusively from the fermentation, which means without alcohol-fortification. Málaga wine may only be produced in the DO Málaga (Denominación de Origen). Sweet wines also are produced in two other DO areas of the province of Málaga, Sierras de Málaga and Pasas de Málaga. Yet it is not permitted to name them Málaga.

Málaga wine is on the market in a variety of wine styles, ranging from pale yellow to gold or amber to dark brown and black and not only sweet, but also medium sweet, semi-dry and dry. The aromas range from raisins, caramel and candied citrus to coffee and liquorice notes, depending on the duration of the barrel aging.