Wine-growing areas of Madeira

Around 1,800 ha of the entire 732 square kilometers of Madeira are planted with vines. On 500 hectares, wines with indication of origin (including the Madeira wines) are produced. These vineyards are predominantly found in steep terrain on the south and north coast, on terraces supported by basalt walls.

Madeira WeinbaugebieteThe mostly loamy soils mixed with volcanic basalt, due to their mineral wealth, especially of iron, have a significant part in Madeira’s pithy acidity, which keeps it fresh for so long. Due to the warm, humid subtropical climate, the vines are endangered by fungal diseases. Rainfall mostly falls in winter and increases with altitude. Therefore, the annual rainfall of about 500 mm varies in low locations of the warm, sunny south up to 3,000 mm in the up to about 1,800 m high layers of the north. The abundant rainfall in the higher elevations is used to irrigate the vineyards via the more than 2,000 km long canal system of the Levadas.

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