Sauvignon Blanc „Sweetheart“ – everybody’s darling!

Sauvignon blanc is not necessarily everyone’s favorite, at least for the dry wines. Some people because of its aromas can not drink enough of it , others refrain entirely from it because of the aromas. The flavors can vary greatly depending on the harvest time. With increasing maturity, the spectrum of aromas of grass, herbs, green fruits, boxwood, gooseberries, elderberries and yellow fruits often shifts, especially with ripened specimens supplemented with vegetables, asparagus and cabbage.

Among the best known dry Sauvignon Blanc are Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and those from New Zealand. Although Sauvignon Blanc is very prone to noble rot, it plays only a minor role in the well-known sweet wine Sauternes. In Austria and South Tyrol can be found Sauvignon Blanc sweet wines predominantly as Trockenbeerenauslese, Ausbruch, Beerenauslese and only seldom as late harvest (Spätlese).

The sweet wine we tasted, the Sweetheart 2017 Sauvignon Blanc of the Palatine winery Oliver Zeter is in the style of a sweet late harvest and has fortunately also a very good price-performance ratio.

Sweetheart 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, Oliver Zeter
In the nose subtly fruity, fresh on the palate, light and lively with passion fruit, elderberry and a hint of pineapple, delicate sweetness with crispy acidity, light but present tannin notes, very good long finish, very easy and good drinkable, very good wine. The animated freshness and the animating influence on the salivation make it to an ideal aperitif, which is best to drink outdoors on a warm summer evening.

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