Majorca – Vi Dolç from Pla de Llevant

The wine we have tasted, the Dolç de Sa Vall of the winery Miquel Gelabert, originates from the DO (Denominacion de Origen) Pla de Llevant, located in the east of Majorca.
Compared to the DO Binisalem, which lies in the interior of Majorca, the DO Pla de Lllevant is said to have increased yields and to plant more varieties of international grape varieties. Climatically, there is a Mediterranean climate in both DOs, which means more precipitation from autumn to spring, as well as warm summers and mild winters.

Founded in 1985, the Miquel Gelabert winery is based in Manacor and manages 9 hectares in the eastern part of the same district and in the two adjacent communities Felanitx and Petra. Among the 30 varieties of grape varieties cultivated are Moscatel de grano menudo (=Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains) and Moscatel de Alejandría (=Muscat d’Alexandrie), which in a ratio of 6:4 are also used to produce the Dolç de Sa Vall. The grapes for the wine come from the Es Morres and Sa Valleta vineyards, both with loamy soil and good drainage. The grapes are fermented under temperature control in stainless steel and bottled young after completion.

Dolç de Sa Vall, Vins Miquel Gelabert (Tasted Wines)
Light straw yellow, nose of muscatel grapes, slightly overripe, slightly pear and light orange notes, fresh and appealing fruity acidity in the mouth, light wine with delicate tannins and unobtrusive but quite noticeable sweetness, notes of orangedrops and slightly bitter orange peel. A simple, already good wine with a decent, fruity-refreshing finish.

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