Diel’s inspiring Riesling Kabinett

I wanted to get quinces from Hans. But of course Hans had a few wines up his sleeve to taste, including a Riesling Kabinett 2021 from Schlossgut Diel. I knew the winery from the dry wines, as it produces Große Gewächse from the three adjacent Große Lagen Pittermännchen, Goldloch and Burgberg. Despite their proximity, these large layers have very different soils. From the ferrous clay soils of the Burgberg interspersed with quartzite to the gold hole on gravelly primary rock soils to the Pittermännchen, where the grapes thrive on weathered slate above Rotliegend.

The winery also produces dry wines from its other sites, but the  noble sweet wines mostly come from the Große Lagen. Also the Riesling Kabinett 2021, which comes from the Dorsheimer Pittermännchen, which was also reflected in its slate notes.

Riesling Kabinett Dorsheimer Pittermännchen 2021, Schlossgut Diel (Tasted Wines)
Fresh, delicately spicy fragrance with herbal, somewhat floral and slightly citrusy notes. Elegant on the palate, delicately juicy with lively acidity and very subtle sweetness, floral and herbal, backed by notes of slate and fine tannins. Very good, long finish with a complex interplay of acidity, sweetness and delicate tannins that stimulate the flow of saliva and thus inspire drinking pleasure. Excellent wine.

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