Elegant Vin Doux Naturel – Muscat de St.-Jean de Minervois

If you now and then like to drink a glass of fruity sweet wine, but the wine does not last long even in the fridge, you should try a Vin Doux Naturel (VDN) of Muscat grapes, which lasts much longer than most other sweet wines because of the way how it is produced.

The Muscat Vin Doux Natural, produced in different appellations, are almost all made from the grape Muscat Blanc de Petits Grains, as well as all all VDN originating from the Languedoc. The Muscat de St-Jean-de-Minervois, which we have tasted, originates from about 300 m high vineyards in the northeast of the Minervois. In these locations, the grapes ripen about three weeks later than in the other three Mediterranean appellations of the Languedoc – Frontignan, Lunel and Mireval – in which VDN from Muscat Blanc is also produced. The extended, slower maturity and a greater difference between day and night temperatures result in more pronounced aromas and make the wine complex and elegant.

The Muscat de St-Jean de Minervois 2014, we have tasted is from the Domaine de Barroubio. The Domaine cultivates on the homonymous plateau 27 hectares of vineyards. The grapes for this wine grow on south-facing limestone soils. The fermentation is cool and, as usual in the production of VDN, by the addition of 95% pure alcohol, the fermentation is interrupted early by the so-called mutage.

Muscat de St-Jean de Minervois 2014, Domaine de Barroubio (Tasted Wines)
Medium straw yellow with green reflections. On the nose delicate herbaceous with citrus and some mirabelle. On the palate aromas of the Muscat grapes, light tannins, accompanied by delicate bitter, long-lasting herbal and citrus notes and restrained honey sweetness. Good wine.

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