Matured sweet wines – fresh and youthful

Hans had already opened some excellent wines to the excellent French dinner, including, for example, a 2013 Chevalier Montrachet from Domaine Leflaive and a 2005 Le Pavillon from Chapoutier. For cheese and dessert he had selected matured sweet wines, from German predicates such as Spätlese on Vin Doux Naturel to Madeira – all excellent.

1994 Niederhäuser Herrmannshöhle Spätlese, Dönnhoff
Quince, pear and white peach on the nose, delicately smoky. Very fresh on the palate, prominent acidity, mild fruit, juicy, lean, mineral notes. Excellent wine, which proved to be an ideal companion to Fourme d’Ambert with quince jelly, because it took out the pungency of the cheese and brought out its taste very well.

1945 Rivesaltes Vieil Homme, Pierre Janny
Walnut, Maripan and some dried plum on the nose, very fresh in the mouth, also with aromas of walnut, marzipan and prunes, as well as sage and fermented strawberries. Extremely fresh, lively, excellent wine, with a very long lasting reverberation. More than 70 years old but incredibly dynamic.

1901 Madeira Malvazia, Barbeito
On the nose delicate nut and caramel, in the mouth full-bodied, good complexity, a racy acid, very stringent and incredibly fresh with notes of citrus and fresh herbs in the extremely long finish, excellent wine.

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