South Tyrol – feinherb to sweet

Around 70% of South Tyrolean wines are produced by cooperatives, which belong to the pioneers of quality development. At this year’s wine trip to South Tyrol, the Winery Bolzano was on our visit program. The new construction of the winery has not only caused a stir architecturally. With around 40 million €, this is the most expensive investment in the wine sector in South Tyrol so far. 220 members of the cooperative are growing vines around Bolzano and manage about 350 hectares of vineyards, which are between 200 and 900 meters altitude. The winery is well known for its Lagrein and St. Magdalener wines, but it also offers many other very good wines, both red and white varieties and sweet wines. We have tasted the Vinalia Moscato Giallo Passito 2016.

Vinalia Moscato Giallo Passito 2016, Winery Bolzano (Tasted wines)
Floral and herbaceous on the nose with candied yellow fruit, in the mouth many aromas of muscat grapes, exotic fruits and some honey, nice balance, noticeable sweet, very long, very good and spicy finish. Excellent wine.
Spontan fermentation, aging in oak barrels, 11 g acid / liter, 240 g residual sugar / liter.

The winery Baron Longo was presented to us by the young Anton Baron Longo during the dinner at the restaurant Schwarz Adler in Cortaccia. The winery of Baron Longo looks back on more than 400 years of tradition. In appearance, however, the winery is only since several years. The young Anton Baron Longo manages the vine locations around the Villner Schlössl in Neumarkt in the South Tyrolean Unterland, close to nature and sustainably. The soils on which the vines thrive are characterized by gravel, porphyr and lime and are lying between  240 m above sea level and altitudes of over 1000, where the piwi (= fungus resistant) variety Solaris delivers grapes for the tasted sweet wine.

Dolomiten Solaris 2016, Baron Longo (Tasted Wines)
Subtle nose, delicate wax, light fruit, beautiful herbaceous notes, light tannic touch, pleasant acidity, some citrus and bitter almonds, medium sweetness, good finish, easy to drink feinherb wine. Very good wine.
~ 30 g residual sugar / liter

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