Port Meio-Seco – less sweet

There were some wineries from the Douro, who also presented port wine in addition to dry wines, at the Wines of Portugal Tasting on the 13th floor of the representative office of a German noble automobile brand, where one also had a great view over Munich.blick-ueber-muenchen

However, my time planned was too little, so I limited myself to only two port wine producers. Pocas, because I had got aquainted to its representative in the elevator going up to the tasting in the 13th floor and Quinta do Infantado only because this Quinta offers their port wines not only in 750 ml bottles, but also in the smaller quantities of 375 ml as well as 50 ml.

The Quinta do Infantado, located in the Cima Corgo region, can boast excellent vineyard locations in the quality-assured benificio system of the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto ( IVDP). In addition, it not only has different bottle sizes, but uses for the production of its port wines only grapes mashed by feet in Lagares, for the simpler qualities so-called robotic lagares. In addition, this Quinta makes their port wines a bit different than the vast majority of other wineries. The addition of alcohol to stop fermentation is done not only later, but also by repeated, consecutive addition of alcohol. Stopping the fermentation later has the consequence that with the longer fermentation time more sugar of the grapes is fermented to alcohol, so that the wine does not show such a high sweetness. Adding alcohol in this way also can have positive side effect both on the color depth and the taste intensity.


Quinta do Infantado White NV
Pear juice, very fresh acidity, light oak, delicate sweetness, noticeably warm on the finish, good wine.

Ruby Reserve Especial
Cherry and some dark berries, some tobacco, delicate spicy notes, still very noticeable tannins, good finish, very good wine.

LBV 2011
Elegant with delicate sweetness, dark berry-fruity with mild tannins and a light heat on the finish, good port wine.

Vintage Port 2011
Dark fruits, spices like clove, allspice and some cardamom, very balanced, fine sweetness and acidity, extremely elegant, very good

Founded in 1918, Pocas, originally a supplier of the wine spirit needed to make the Port wine, now owns three wineries in the three different Douro regions of Baixa Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior, where in addition to still wines also port is produced. For the port wines the mainly used grape varieties are Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Tinto Cão. Although produced by default, the 10 Years Old Tawny is a semi-dry port wine.


Pocas 10 Years Old Tawny
Very harmonious, discreetly sweet, brown gingerbread, Christmas spices, light tannins, well-integrated alcohol, very good.

Colheita 2001
Very concentrated, noticeably sweet, present tannin, good wine.

LBV 2010
Pure dark fruit, dense, juicy, beautiful sweetness in very good balance with fresh, crisp acidity, very good.

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